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July: 10



We will have to add the sprite sheet and the avatar for Chip. For his character sprite, we will try to use the bard image and see if that fits his style. The location will be under /assets/items/npc/sprites/bard.png and then for the avatar, we will just place it under /assets/items/npc/avatars/chip.webp.

While we are waiting on the build to reach production, we can start the pulling of the NPCDB endpoints. The three endpoints will be, https://kbve.com/api/npcdb.json, https://kbve.com/api/spritedb.json and https://kbve.com/api/avatardb.json. We will still need to figure out the style methods for the different avatars, I am thinking we will stick with an anime-style because its easier to draw and looks great. In our current example, we went with a pixel-art stytle for the avatar but that was just a placeholder.


  • 5:40pm - The Astro core redesign is almost done, I plan to migrate away from the namespace concept and focus a bit more on refactoring the theme to take advantage of the named slots. Part of this update is to make sure it is easier to call important files and isolate the ones that would utilize the API. I am thinking of having two shell files, one being the generic one for guests and another for logged in users.
  • 6:30pm - Okay going to try another method to solve this and maybe approach it a bit more Lego style and let the menus have slots, then pass the components that we would need through this.


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