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February: 29




We were able to get Gaia Pro migrated to version 2023 and now I am taking a quick break from that and finishing up the website. For the remaining aspect of the Unity project, I will create a couple different issue tickets. The biggest issue will be setting up the player to leave the vehicle and enter it again, this could be done via an action? We could have an embark action that would handle the entering and leaving of the said state.


Adding astro search bar to the website!

We can at least disable parts of it before making it production ready.

The component that we want to work on today would be the search integration, which we have done in the past with the main KBVE.com website!

Part of this feature would be to integrate different search options into our engine, then work on how we want to render the results. I was thinking we could make this dynamic but for now, I will focus on making it static and getting it out the door before coming back to it for another rewrite.

Replacing the color schemes to match with the rest of the website and then I can work on the rendering of the results next.

It seems that the Astro VE is throwing some typescript errors, so I will update the tsconfig and set "jsx": "preserve", , which should help avoid those errors.