July : 17

Daily Log for July, 17 of each year.



  • 6:09am - It is an amazing Monday morning! The sweet and musky smell of the rain gives off a civil war-ish style vibe.
  • 6:57am - I spent a bit too much time trying to get basic powershell scripts to work for RentEarth. I created two currently as native.ps1 and web.ps1, one that runs expo for the mobile emulation and the other that runs the general webserver for the nextjs.
  • 10:37am - Migrating the state from React’s state to the Nanostores state. i.e () => tasker(status$, 'submitting') while utilizing the tasker system. The idea would be to migrate a decent chunk of the state management / notification / variable system into the nano library. This will help improve performance and move some of the complex actions out of the main workflow. There could be a couple new issues that this might introduce, but for the most part, I think we should be able to manage them.
  • 11:42am - Going through the Unity build setup so that it works on the Unity Devops. One of the issues to note would be that scenes might be referenced through their index number rather than a string. To resolve that issue, in the ASync loading of the scenes, it only accepts the string of the scene, however we have not yet migrated to that setup. There are some external notes for Unitask / Vcontainers that we could reference.


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