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June: 16



Since Shaco keeps getting ban in Arena, I decided to pickup Sej and she is becoming more of my favorite new champ to play. Just played a quick game of Naut and Sej, it was possibly the most broken arena session that I played in a long time.


There seems to be an issue with how the GHA library is building the publishable NPM package, but I think I was able to resolve it. The bug seems to stem from where it places the published files. Also during the unit test, the less than 26 characters test fails, but I will get back to3 that once I get this pipeline to publish the workflow. In order to trigger the build, I will have to do a quick minor bump of the gha library!

It seems that the exact issue that we are facing is under #21758 but that means we will have to migrate our nx to v19. So in order for us to resolve this vite build bug, we might have to break a bunch of other tooling.

We changed the output to :

        "packageRoot": "dist/packages/{projectName}"

However, I believe that was not the issue, so I am going to revert that change to this:

        "packageRoot": "dist/{projectRoot}"

and then we will go ahead and add the rollup-plugin-copy package into the monorep. This plugin will help us patch the missing package.json? I am not too sure but we will give this a shot. To trigger another update, I will do a minor bump to the GHA library. We know that there are two or three more errors that we need to resolve, but getting past the NPM issues would be the best move right now.

The error might have been in the way that I am doing the release overwrite? I went ahead and removed them for the time being, maybe it might help resolve some of the issues:

This was my khashvault release information:

"projectsRelationship": "independent",
    "version": {
      "preVersionCommand": "pnpm dlx nx run-many -t build"

yet, in this case, I will revert to having nothing inside of the brackets and see if that can help. Hmm, logically this does not make sense but we can give it a shot for now. I really might just move onto to another project and give this a bit of a break, I learned a decent amount from spending a couple hundred hours within this area but the errors are just a huge pain.

The major issue that is holding us back is that for some reason the nx release process is not including a copy of the package.json within in the distribution.


We will probably want to migrate a decent chunk of the apps out of the monorepo. I will compile a list of applications and make an issue ticket revolving around the ones that we want to consolidate and migrate into just a couple applications.

Nx v19

It looks like there were way too many errors when migrating over to nx v19. The additional community plugins that were added into this monorepo are causing some additional errors with v19, a decent amount of the functions are broken too.

During the migration, we had two plugins give some rough errors, that is our rust plugin, which is still extremely outdated and the astro plugin but that has a fix in the pipeline.


  • 8:00am - Need to change my sheets again, damn weather is wild. In the summer heat, I am thinking every week the sheets might have to be changed.
  • 10:00am - I might be assigned on a couple call options for TSLA again this week! I will have to be very careful and maybe roll them out for another week, the premium of a couple hundred will be helpful to offset the RogueJester costs.
  • 1:30pm - Watching episode 8 of the Silo and doing some quick updates to the webmaster tool. I am currently thinking to just get a basic tool out there and then over time expand it to include various services.
  • 5:00pm - Grabbed a quick burger with @Mrock and we went over the GoPro equipment for a future session / podcast? This is still something that is in the works, but I am thinking we could some random events / stream some meme-style content and see where it goes from there? For the burger, we went to a local joint known as 30 Burgers! I went with my usual 12, which is a bacon & egg burger and he had gotten the 7. We would say they were a solid 7 out of 10, there could have been some improvements, the burger size was just a bit too small from my point of view.
  • 11:00pm - The basics of the webmaster tool is ready for a quick test casing, however I was unable to get the storage (nanostores) to work as intended. One of the concepts that I was thinking was to store the domains inside of the local storage and then call it via tasks.


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  • Launch initial webmaster tool onto the main KBVE website.
  • Begin migration towards the vCluster within the production-2 dedicated server.
  • Grab food with @MRock and do a quick podcast session.