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June: 29


Cricket World Cup

It looks like the world cup game is going to be a close call, and the cup might fall into India’s hand! I am sure a bunch of people in Edison are going to go crazy this weekend. India grabbing the victory with just 7 runs, it was a wild game to watch, even though I am not a huge cricket fan, these close games make it worth wild to watch.


I am going to run a test case of the bounty system on the login, register and services page for KBVE. We want them to be isolated react-based components, well they could be in svelte but I think react might be better because the dom will be dynamic. Plus we can utilize framer motion to help create some fancy visuals.

Hair Cut

Going to quickly head over to the barbershop, get a clean fade and then SSS. Afterwards, I have a quick birthday party to attend and then should be home within a couple hours. Goal for tonight is to take the plans that we built out and start to execute them in a small modular steps.


The DevCode snippet needs to be migrated over to astropad so that we can officially release it to the NPM Library and use it outside of our monorepo. I might finally start branching out of the monorepo and try to really focus on a hybrid repo approach. There are situations where we might not need to place all our apps directly innside of the monorepo, hopefully we can find a way to update and


CHIP decided to bless us all with a copy of titanfall 2, which will replace my league needs for a little bit. League has been slowing down my PC and I need a change of pace! While halo did help the migration over to a shooter, I believe titanfall will be the perfect blend. Honestly, the way that titanfall handles the grunt system is great and this really gets me excited to make a future fps style moba, one day when I get enough resources, I will make this dream come true.


  • 10:30am - Preparing for todays trip into the city! I will be taking a train with @bell into the capital of the capitalistic shadow realm, hopefully I do not encounter any trolls, goblins or dark entities.
  • 4:30pm - Interesting set of events, we went through the train and part of the train tilts into the train station, which was extremely weird but I assume it was because they were doing construction / fortification. I am going to further assume that this is part of that infrastructure plan.
  • 4:00am - What a fucking trip, it was a bit more expensive then what I expected but I enjoyed all of it. The Halal Chicken Chopped Cheese Sandwich. That was the most legendary sandwich ever made in the past decade. It was the perfect balance of spice, protein, and flavor, I am going to forever remember it as the sandwich night.


If one is estranged from oneself, then one is estranged from others too. If one is out of touch with oneself, then one cannot touch others. — Anne Lindbergh


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