August : 08

Daily Log for August, 08 of each year.


  • 7:30am - There are a couple issues that the RSPS project is facing, one of them would be the general management, which I know could be resolved with creating a custom docker image with NodePy as the base. We know that the python scripts can perform fairly well for general tasks but the deployment and overall management still has to be worked out. Ideally I should look into isolating the modules, such that, they are not specific to any project. I.e NodePy should have its own control panel and the custom python scripts that we use would be just drop in replacements.
  • 8:44am - Going through my emails and I am content with the automated labeling and migration. My total inbox is currently sitting at 68 emails, a couple of the emails did not get filtered through or labeled but one of my n8n workflows was able to unsubscribe from a couple random newsletters.
  • 10:42am - I have to map out my call options for this week and it seems that I might have to roll them again for next week. The credit and return is starting to diminish down to less than $500 a week, which would make sense because some of the puts that I am rolling are already a bit deep in the red. I could extend them out until next month and migrate the strike down a bit too but that is something that I would have to over look.
  • 12:21pm - I have a major meeting to attend to later today, hopefully it will go well and will not require a huge chunk of my brain cells. To prepare for the meeting, I decided to skip lunch and keep my diet fairly relaxed, so that meant being light on water too. Why would I want to prepare so much for a meeting? I just did not want to randomly have a bathroom break.
  • 4:39pm - Okay my total inbox is at around 46 emails, I will see how this performs within the next month! My goal will be to get almost near less than 10 emails, with a majority of them being filtered! The signal base automation seems to be working fine, but I need to prepare for the next staging route, where the automation tools can make issue tickets and even pull requests based upon the emails!
  • 5:05pm - This meeting is still going on! I feel so fucking bored, listening to people talk, throw shade and loop around topics. This is slowly breaking my faith in humanity, the levels of abstract conversation but limited actions have a profound
  • 7:47pm - Watching Corner Office right now while doing some general programming! Besides using the new glob Astro layout for tags and applications, I am thinking that I could use for legal too! I should migrate the disclaimer message into a mdx file? I will hold off on it for now, because I want to make sure that it all works in those two scopes before putting legal into the mixture.
  • 8:41pm - I decided to let go of my current padfolio and replace it with two new ones, a specific one for a new laptop and another for storing my journal sheets! The objective will be to make it even easier to look over those notes later down the line. The padfolio that I ended up getting has a small three ring binder inside of it too, but I will hold off on the review until I get the item.
  • 11:07pm - It seems that my method of using glob within a namespace would not work currently, thus I will be closing out the issue.
  • 11:15pm - Going to push this out and then prepare a new patch for tomorrow.


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  • - Review the Email Automation Software.