August : 13

Daily Log for August, 13 of each year.



  • 10:30am - I am trying to sign up with the Oracle’s cloud plan but been running into various issues. It was a bit messy but I am thinking that I might just reach out to their support and get it resolved from their end.
  • 3:27pm - Changing the main background color of the KBVE’s homepage to a nice black color. I did not change the template’s bg-default to the black because I still want to use that blue but keep it a bit higher in the layer, so that it would utilized for certain actions in the future, like the dropdowns.
  • 3:58pm - I am currently looking at this Ai Hackathon and thinking that I might either form a team or look for team mates that might be interested in forming an alliance where we could work on the said projects together! I will reach out to those that might be interested and see if I can find enough people that might be down.
  • 4:05pm - Let me finish up the recovery page for KBVE and then I will shift back to the pocketbase setup. I will create a couple new tickets in reference to the current issues that I want to tackle, so that we can stay organized and make it a bit easier to handle.
  • 4:27pm - It seems that SendGrid is rewriting the URL’s with the brandable URL? I am not too sure what this feature is exactly but it is causing some pain points in terms of the usability. I also know that I have only 100 emails per day to send, it would be a shame if I burn through all of those just trying to figure out this mess.
  • 5:49pm - I started to work on the md and mdx structure for different applications and their issues. I will isolate the notes, journals and errors into three basic folders. This will help in the future as we expand the library of information.


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