September : 23

Daily Log for September, 23 of each year.



  • 6:35am - The mornings are getting cold, yes! No more ac and I can finally blast some of my PCs to max! Using my computers as a source of heat will always be OP.
  • 7:00pm - I forgot to convert over my written notes to digital! I been trying to figure out the phaser engine for a bit and getting some luck in resolving some of the basic issues.
  • 8:35pm - I am super excited for the next season of one piece, which will most definitely be a couple years from now with all the strikes and what not, but it gives me time to catch up on the general one piece series.
  • 11:40pm - The new john wick series looks amazing! I enjoyed the first episode a lot and can not wait to see the next episode, it is a bit of a shame that they did not release all of them at once.


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