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April: 25



Looking back at our 2023 notes, its wild to see the shift in changes. We migrated out of Appwrite/Strapi and ended up back to writing our own API! Yet back then, the times were very simple.


Migrating the KBVE Projects over to the official docs! A couple issues with the migration, some of the mermaid graphs did not go through and need to be fixed. The solution might be to just go back and import the astro file that would handle the mermaid, but I am wondering if they have an inhouse one for Starlight.


There are more migrations that need to be done to the official website but we are making some headspace towards it. A couple proof of concepts were added and tested, but now its really the large amounts of data that needs to be shifted over. The documentation needs to be reviewed, changed and updated across a couple hundred different asset classes, furthermore, a couple hundred stocks still need to be added.


  • Astro -> React -> GraphQL/REST -> Appwrite -> Strapi
  • The chain of command might seem a bit too much but I think it should help wrap up most of our front-end journies. Afterwards, I will clean up and prepare for May dev logs.


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