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January: 04



  • 11:00am - Going to aim at getting out of work earlier than before but I have some issues to prepare for, including being assigned to AAPL at $190. I will have to prepare around $38K to offset the 200 shares of AAPL from the two puts.

  • 11:54am - Out of lunch and going to start doing the GlobalStyles.tsx for the js-embed-passport. I am going to migrating out the KB.tsx into its own JS/TS library, so that I can call it from anywhere. We can call the library, KhashVault and have it serve as the cache for the nanostorage.

  • 12:18pm - Now I am looking into the bundler for the custom library that I am going to be using. For the vite bundler, we could use the nx generator via this command:

        pnpm nx g @nx/js:lib khashvault  --directory packages/khashvault --bundler=vite

    Including the Nx 18 command for deriving the name / root.

    For the vite test casing, it seems that we would have to configure the vite-plugin-dts, this is a vite plugin that generates declaration files *.d.ts.

    To make sure that we have the plugin installed, we would run this command:

        pnpm i vite-plugin-dts -D

    After the plugin has been installed, it would be wise to reset the monorepo, with this command:

        ./kbve.sh -reset

    Okay to run the test casing for the library, we will use this command:

        pnpm exec nx run khashvault:test

    The khashvault is the name of the library that we just created.

    Going to migrate the storage.ts from the Astro-ve to the new KhashVault library that we are building.

  • 7:31pm - The protobuf integration first requries having the right library installed. For the WSL/Ubuntu: shell sudo apt-get install protobuf-compiler After the compiler is added and installed, we will check the version, with this command:

            protoc --version

    This should return something along this line: libprotoc 3.12.4

    This library will be used to help automate the protobuf types for javascript/typescript.

  • 10:17pm - To automatically generate the protos, we are using the diesel_ext. The command that we are going to run is: shell diesel_ext --proto > src/kbveproto.proto However upon the generation, there were three TODO errors that appear in the proto. An example of it would be: - TODO: unknown type Binary

  • 10:44pm - The current solution might be to just run sed after the generation to fix some of the generated files. It seems that I forgot to remove the Identifiable from the derive but need to account for the commas. So here the is the shell command that I will add into the kbve shell.

        sed -i -e 's/#[derive(.*,\s*)Identifiable,\s*(.*)]/#[derive(\1\2)]/g' -e 's/#[derive(.*),\s*Identifiable\s*]/#[derive(\1)]/g' your_file.rs

    This was giving some issues with the regex of the comma, so I decided to just remove the instance with , Identifiable. I will come back to this issue later on.

    use crate::apikey::dsl::apikey;
    use crate::appwrite::dsl::appwrite;
    use crate::auth::dsl::auth;
    use crate::globals::dsl::globals;
    use crate::n8n::dsl::n8n;
    use crate::profile::dsl::profile;
    use crate::settings::dsl::settings;
    use crate::users::dsl::users;

    We will skip this part of the code block as well for now.

    The next two phases of the protobuf generation would be the into_proto and the from_proto. Both of these can be generated using -f and -i flags, like this:

        diesel_ext -i -c class_name > src/into_proto.rs
        diesel_ext -f -c class_name > src/from_proto.rs

    Replacing the class_name.

    There are a couple errors that the CLI is throwing, which were similar to the ones with Binary types.


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