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June: 18


  • 6:41am


I need to hit my bench more often, maybe aim for about 3 sets of 100 reps today, I will space them out in the morning, noon and sunset.


We got the library to publish, it seems that the pre-patch and patch style publishing did trigger a failed build yesterday. This means we will focus on doing small patches throughout this month and maybe even extend it out to different libraries down the line.

We can start to expand out some of the utility class of the devops library through the /client/ folder. I believe I will keep the structure similar to the way that I did atlas for now, without having to over think it.

Added a quick little image for the library while I updated the readme, now we can go ahead and prepare a npm publish.

Lets run this shell command to bump it up:

pnpm nx release --projects=devops


Spent most of the day going through my notes, cleaning up and preparing the yt.ts file within the devops npm package. I added some decent bare functions, which I plan on extending out into the github actions once they get published and released! To be safe, I went ahead and added some generic test casing, which I am doing locally but have not yet integrated those unit tests within the CI/CD pipeline.

The way to execute our unit tests, we just run this shell command:

./kbve.sh -nx devops:test

This will then run pnpm nx with arguments: devops:test and generate a cloud nx link with the test results. However, placing this within our main ci-cd pipeline, ideally inside of the alpha, and/or beta would make sense too. I have it in my notes to find a couple spots to do the unit tests, ugh, I just do not want to overload the actions.


  • 5:15am - Short nap but I must get back onto the grind! The first concept that I was looking into was getting the basics of the Cloud function LoL Python going and somehow I have turned it into the PyNode project that I was thinking about earlier. While I liked the general feel of flask within Python, it was a bit too slow when I was doing some general stress testing and for that, I am not willing to deal with it.
  • 5:30am - I am thinking for the YouTube functionality, I should extend out the YouTube-Dl from Python, https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl, which I will also reference inside of the Python notes. I noticed there were a couple repos floating around with a large collection of scripts too, something that I might look into in the future.
  • 5:30pm - Fixing up LoLPython for a bit before getting dinner with the family. There will be a couple test casing that I will have to do because it has been a while since I used Python.


Anything you really want, you can attain, if you really go after it. — Wayne Dyer


  • Add YouTube Download to PyNode
  • Add League of Legends Champion Information via API