June : 18

Daily Log for June, 18 of each year.



  • 5:15am - Short nap but I must get back onto the grind! The first concept that I was looking into was getting the basics of the Cloud function LoL Python going and somehow I have turned it into the PyNode project that I was thinking about earlier. While I liked the general feel of flask within Python, it was a bit too slow when I was doing some general stress testing and for that, I am not willing to deal with it.
  • 5:30am - I am thinking for the YouTube functionality, I should extend out the YouTube-Dl from Python, https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl, which I will also reference inside of the Python notes. I noticed there were a couple repos floating around with a large collection of scripts too, something that I might look into in the future.
  • 5:30pm - Fixing up LoLPython for a bit before getting dinner with the family. There will be a couple test casing that I will have to do because it has been a while since I used Python.


Anything you really want, you can attain, if you really go after it. — Wayne Dyer


  • Add YouTube Download to PyNode
  • Add League of Legends Champion Information via API