July : 29

Daily Log for July, 29 of each year.



  • 7:34am - I spent a decent amount of time going through my LinkedIn profile and updated a decent chunk of what I had on there. Part of my plan will be to automate some of the LinkedIn functions, maybe have it send custom GPT-based messages to people that I would like to reach out to. The general idea would be to at least have the introduction message be a bit personal? I also made sure to claim the company page for KBVE! As for why I decided to improve my social presence? Hmm, I was a very anti-social media, in the sense that it felt like it was very manipulative and corrupt, however that does not mean I should not at least engage in some form of gray-hat! I found that there were some clients that wanted automation tools within Instagram, Twitter, etc… and having a better background in understanding how they functioned would make it a bit easier to build those tools out? There are a decent chunk of tools already out there, I will just focus on making one that is very simple to run inside of a docker container. I was thinking of extending out some of my unity knowledge and then build it out from there but the idea of running the application in a lightweight but scalable approach seems to be the best move for now.
  • 11:30am - Idea! I am thinking that I should look into building out that license system. This would allow people to sell license key through our KBVE portal, where we would then provide unique features that would help verify and protect their licensed software. Part of this feature would also be to include various ways to license and protect your software when it comes to distribution. The license system would need a decent name that would be cute but not too over the top, just a bit of OwO but not too much of AwA. Definitely will need a hint of nani!?.
  • 1:50pm - Going to do a couple quick league matches before doing some general workflow management. I will take a couple hours to update the general website, maybe finalize the blog theme template too.
  • 2:56pm - Time to synch this with the current branch and then redo the blog design theme. I also have to remember to migrate some of the older or really old blog content from back in the day into the main collection. It will be interesting going down memory lane and grabbing those really old articles. I should also look into setting up the interview format, there has been some great moments, and as such, I should have a decent interview template and question bank ready to ask those that are special individuals that I run into.
  • 3:11pm - Going through their message system, it looks like I could use Puppeteer to help cycle through the automated messages that I am getting… ugh it does feel a bit weird that I have to automate a response to the automated messages that I am getting, but it is what it is. I guess that Internet is really turning into a cluster of bots, part of the time I am thinking that it is just a collection of bots that all just engage with everything xD.
  • 3:23pm - Let me sync this journal log before opening Unity, it was the first time that I had a blue screen crash on my laptop in a while.
  • 4:10pm - Pushed the patch changes and it looks like I need to make a new workflow that would prepare for release? I suppose that would be a staging workflow, we could build that out under staging.yml under the GitHub workflows. The idea behind this would be to mimic the movement from a developer branch to the main branch, here we could do the code reviews, version control and test case a couple deployment concepts. One of which I was thinking would be to create an automated response that would use GPT to summarize the results from the changes. A GPT powered release note? I suppose this would be an area where we could test case the SSR components of Astro too.
  • 4:17pm - Time to get some coffee and red bull while I wait for this to build out. Damn the compiler? Maybe Unity is eating up resources a bit too much. Going to switch back to the blog design.
  • 8:24pm - Okay I think I got the basics of the blog design down, now I just need to figure out what type of variables we should include?
  • 9:20pm - Finished making some fresh veggie pizza via the naan method, it was so filling and powerful, honestly it could be a healthy fast food in the future. Okay so I think we got a general gist of the blog format, with a simple MDXJS widget as well, which would help stylize, if that is a word, the general notes and information. I think the worst part of GPT is that it is moving my brain closer towards the matrix, it was bad already to have to google things, but all this is doing is moving the goal post closer towards the matrix.
  • 10:13pm - Time to update AstroJS and maybe play a couple quick rounds of League. There should be a way


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