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January: 31



The table for view management should be simple enough to help keep track of valid views that are performed on the instance of what is being queried. We could make it easier to help


  • 7:30am - Epoxy


    We are remodeling the storage room and the bathroom, at the same time! For the storage room floor, we decided to layer it with an epoxy grey tone because the floor was getting old and dull. I never realized how easy it has become to DIY home improvements, and honestly, tackling them in small steps has made it so much easier. Cleaning out the storage room, I found my old airsoft collection, but it always feels good to organize your belongings, side note: I also found my nerf double barrel machine gun hehehe.

    The first layer was applied over night and now this morning, we are going to double check the corners and add a bit of a smaller layer in the corner / holes, just to get them even with the rest of the floor.

  • 10:45am - SVG


    Decided to float around with the idea of SVG generator for some random projects. As I am thinking it through, I could adjust the hierarchy for the objects within the JEDI library.

    Thus the question on my mind would be how would I setup the naming convention for the different objects.

  • 3:45pm - `Builder’


    Inside of the Jedi crate, I added the hybrid validator with async support as an optional rule. This means we can move the validator that we have inside of the kbve package into the jedi package, thus making it easier to reference and maintain.

    We will also use the validator inside of the erust because that will help with the client-side sanitization, even though we have server-side sanitization. One could argue that it would not make sense to have sanitization on both sides but I felt the need to do our best to keep a clean and secure environment, including for testing edge cases where we might not have full control over the backend, i.e a N8N function.

    After the validator builder, I am going to start the Regex builder, ideally placing them into a DashMap to make it easier to access. The dashmap would be a collection of LazyCells that would hold the regex instances.

    I believe the file will be called regexmap, I will try to build a simple map for it and hopefully it should hold the generic regex patterns that we would need for our application.