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April: 20



As part of the traditions, it might be wise to partake in a quick sesh.


I should update the docker lists on the monorepo, so that it be easier to find the images. For now I will add the Express Colyseus Discord and then once v01d gets built and RelationTableAliasProxyHandler, I will add that as well.


Going to disable the outpost report generator for now because it seems to be causing an error by adding back a broken locked pnpm. Under the CICD pipeline, we went ahead and added sha hashes to each of the automatic patches that the ci-main produces! I will also go ahead and do the same with beta and alpha within the next couple weeks, slowly integrating these changes throughout the pipeline.


We are about to watch the whole fallout tv series, from start to finish! I am actually super excited to see the whole thing, I heard it was great.


I am thinking that the best way for us to use fooocus would be to start with their docker image as a base, then add our atlas into that base image? There is still some planning that we need to do before adding that in, hmm, I am going to draw it out and then see what steps that I need to make to get it done.



  • I spent most of the day running around the main city, looking for new clothes, belts and shawls!
  • Starship … well update. it went rip.


B L A Z E.


To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life. — Robert Louis Stevenson


  • Rocketship Watch Party