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May: 24



Preparing the API keys and the plugin shop! The API key will be important for both KBVE and the ATLAS project, now the question would be the best way to implement them.

I am thinking that the API Key would be the AES salt and that we store the Argon2 hash of the key? This way we can create an environmental vault that the user would encrypt with their API key before sending it over to the KBVE API for storage.

I will continue to map or graph out the way we would do it.


We can extend out some of the khashvault storage variables, I am thinking of adding a couple new ones that will help store the messages from the fastAPI that is running inside of the ATLAS.

I would have made more progress with this system but there have been problems with handling the state management, including the process of grabbing information and rendering it again upon update.


  • 9:00am - It’s hump day! Time to get cracking at the general vibes of Memegramming.

  • 3:00pm - Time to crack the fingers and get into the full programming flow! I think I will do a quick rush of getting all of the scrapper running and at the same time, do some quick unity too!+

  • 4:45pm - Going through all the unity files and decided that it might not be worth the time to update the packages. This would just break a couple of the core features and concepts within the game, which we do not want to do right now. While it is great to have some of the plugins handle the character model, world building, ect.. the draw back is that their updates have game breaking changes and sometimes it is a pain to fix through them.

  • 7:00pm - I will start to go through and break down two specific file types, the first will be the GlobalValue.cs and the other will be the PlayerStats.cs. My first train of thought would be to see exactly how the player model is currently reacting within the environment and how it is setup within the whole game. I suppose one additional area would be to see how the character reacts with an online API, however I will make sure the game can be played without having the need to use an active internet connection.

  • 9:30pm - Okay besides AppWrite


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  • Take out trash
  • Finish Unity API Login - Not Done, pushing it till next day.