March: 14

14th of March. Happy Pi Day! The magical number that sits within our heart and soul.


Thu Mar 14 2024 12:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)



  • - Take notes for a new stream!
  • - Prepare Travel Jam R&D
  • - Make Posts requesting Discord Jammers



I am thinking that once the this new PC is fully operational that I should prepare my exisiting twitch account too.

I been slacking on the streaming front, I just do not have enough content to entertain a stream long enough, but that might just be my own writers block. They do say that the biggest enemy is one’s mind.


The schema.ts is missing some of the base templates that we would need for an appwrite instance!

I will go ahead and write them out slowly and have GPT double check them for me.


The next gamejam starts within this weekend and its the travel jam! The game could be named that Davids Goliath, granted we can not yet start the jam because its about 7 hours early since I last added this line.

We are still allowed to plan the game out.


To finish up the shell integration for the nextjs project, we want it to clean the files and move the build files to the embed location. The same way that we handled the previous WASM build, so we know where we have to go.

These are the results from the ./kbve.sh -build react-phaser-fish-chip :

(!) outDir /home/h0lybyte/kbve/kbve/dist/apps/react-phaser-fish-chip is not inside project root and will not be emptied.
Use --emptyOutDir to override.

../../dist/apps/react-phaser-fish-chip/index.html        0.37 kB │ gzip:   0.25 kB
../../dist/apps/react-phaser-fish-chip/fish-chip.js  1,969.38 kB │ gzip: 484.77 kB

We can actually just avoid using the shell and pass through that empty outdir command! Yay! That ended up being easier to manage than I would have thought.

David Goliath

The travel tag might be a bit weird but also these notes for this year , 2024, will extend into the next day because its almost 3:39am here.

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