February: 11

Daily Log for February 11th for each year!


Sun Feb 11 2024 12:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)



The characters might have issues with multi-worlds and cause issues if they are being played oln multiple worlds/game sessions, so we need a way to lock them out to prevent this from occuring.


Going to clone over the Scene1 and call it StartZone, here I want to test case a couple different concepts that I had in my mind, including a Game Manger and the combat engine. I am thinking that the GameManger and Combat both would be internal engines but with the combat engine extending out to a combat service, which would then be handling combat events? The game manager would just be incharge of loading and unloading the scene cameras for now? This is still a bit of a hazy area since I am trying to go for a SOA/Events style system but I need to remember that I am limited to just a single thread. We could have the game manager also push some of the messages to javascript via a post message, but offloading to javascript would mean that the game might have issues in an mobile build. Sometimes these things can be a pain to map out, because of the WASM limits, ugh. I am still going to think it through in small steps and maybe it will come together near the end, I guess that is part of the course.

The first step would be to clone the Scene1.unity to StartZone.unity and then add it into the build order.

Going back to the character scene, I would then adjust the buttons for the characters, one with an open sheet and another button to load the character into the StartZone.

For the sake of simplicty, I should work out the locations of the characters and make sure that they do not get loaded into multiple worlds?

Maybe make sure that once the character is done from the mission, there would be a timer that would prevent the character from going onto the same mission again?

I still need to work out the kinks of how I would approach this problem, but for now, I will just skip it and leave this as a note!


While I am working on the Unity front, I also wanted to go over the website design, I am thinking of a black, grey, sky blue style for the KBVE website. It would mean leaving the orange, pink and purple color style but I think it might be a better move down the line? I am not an amazing ux designer but I am thinking the tri-color scheme that I had earlier was a bit too much for the website and I think going a bit back to a monotone would make it easier.


Need to setup time to migrate all my domains out of namecheap and to CloudFlare! I will start with the base domains that I currently am using and I will let some of them expire because the cost basis might be too high.


While working on the KBVE namespace and migrating some of the older code, I am looking into how to expand the code base to include some additional features. One of the features that I wanted to include was a weather system, including a way handle it globally but for now, I think a simple day and night cycle is enough. My concern would be about running the internal clock, which I should migrate into a tick system?

Here is the current clockbased weather formula:

  float angle = (currentTimeOfDay * 360f) - 90f; // Shift by -90 degrees to start at dawn
      directionalLight.transform.localRotation = Quaternion.Euler(angle, -30f, 0f);

      if (currentTimeOfDay <= 0.25f || currentTimeOfDay >= 0.75f)
        //  ? Night Light
        directionalLight.color = Color.Lerp(
          Mathf.Abs(currentTimeOfDay - 0.75f) * 4f
        directionalLight.intensity = Mathf.Lerp(
          Mathf.Sin(currentTimeOfDay * 2 * Mathf.PI)
        //  ? Day Light
        directionalLight.color = Color.Lerp(
          Mathf.Abs(currentTimeOfDay - 0.5f) * 4f
        directionalLight.intensity = Mathf.Lerp(
          Mathf.Sin(currentTimeOfDay * 2 * Mathf.PI)

However, I think for the performance of the game, we need to rewrite some of it to use the tick system instead.

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