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Innovation is legendary.

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KBVE is a strong community of engineers, developers, gamers and much more! Come and check out our amazing community!


Here at KBVE, we are always building and rebuilding almost everything! Arcades, faucets, forums, plugins, servers and more!


KBVE will become one of your best virtual friends! Part of our agenda is to expand into the palm of your hand! Through both new applications, (built in html5) and through cloud features.

What is KBVE?

KBVE stands for [K]ilo[B]yte [V]irtul [E]ngine and it represents a philosophical concept of unity through a central entity. Imagine microscopic engines running and working together to produce a visual masterpiece. KBVE has engines built in PHP, Node.js, Java and other various languages, each with a unique set of libraries that enable applications to communicate / share data seemlessly, thus forming an universal engine of engines. Such WoW!

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One of the central foundations for KBVE is our young and emerging community! Ever had a startup idea but couldn’t find the funding, developers and community to launch your idea? Lack of resources and a lack of foundation are two of the many dangers for a startup company or project, but KBVE is here to help! Our team and our members thrive on innovation and will go to the ends of Earth to turn imagination to reality, shibes lets go to the moon!

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Are you interested in development for our open source and private source programs? Contact Octocodercat!

Mobile Applications

Check out all our android applications that will be released in Q4 - 2014 on the Google Play Store


Come to our IRC/chat and we will provide you with amazing support!


We have open source, pseudo-open member source and private source engines! Become a member and gain access now!


h0lybyte loves coffee, if you want to grab coffee and talk innovation, send him an email!

Lifetime Support

KBVE plans to be here forever! So come to /c/ and request support! We are here to help!

Community, Chat & Social

KBVE has a strong presence in communication and plans to provide the highest level of engagement between users and developers. Your thoughts, ideas and suggestions are the key to sucess.

Tons of features

Multiple games, multiple ways to earn doge and multiple projects! Check everything out now at /projects/

Extensive Options

Customization and comfort are important and should be flexiable to both personal preference but accessible to the handicap or unfortunate.

Simply Beautiful

Who says you can not make crypto currency, gaming and programming visually appealing and… dare I say it… shibe-sexy.

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