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Wealth creation is a positive-sum game, meaning that everyone can benefit from it. However, it is also a race, and those who are first to the finish line will win the most.

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Welcome to KBVE

The Wall Garden of the KBVE Dev Group.


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Access a collection of evergrowing notes, documents and information!


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We can help you become one of the best DevOps within the industry!


◈ Memes.
Come play games with us or build your own with our team!

"I enjoy the ravenous thrill that comes within the chaotic engineering life-style, 1st P Rule."


Admin of KBVE.

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Join our Discord group and enjoy a fun and relaxing session of developing, hanging out and chilling!

Features @ KBVE

We provide a vast library of documentation and information. Here are 6 of our state-of-the-art tools and with there own innovations.

  • Bring Your Own Mind

    Always willing to accept help.

  • Clean up and Optimization

    Needs some bloat to be cut / reduced

  • Components Missing

    More need to be added.

  • Integrations

    Public / Private Integrations are TO:DO

  • Test Case

    Search is TO:DO

  • Community

    KBVE Community! Join us now!