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January: 08



  • 2:31pm - erust

    • Preparing for the crate creation of erust , which will hold the egui / eframe library.

    • The command that we will run to create the library will be like this:

      pnpm nx g @monodon/rust:library erust
    • After creating the base library known as erust, we will now create the application that will utilize the erust library.

      pnpm nx g @monodon/rust:binary rust_wasm_embed
    • Make sure we are up to date with rust, by running this in our shell:

      rustup update
    • Followed by adding our egui dependencies and migrating the generic eframe_template files over to the apps/rust_wasm_embed.

  • 5:02pm - Bug Wars

    • We will first focus on getting the general build out of the way for the apps/rust_wasm_embed and focus on tackling any bugs that might appear.

    • I believe I would also have to setup the Trunk for the build and also need to add the rustup targets. These will be added into the Rust docs tomorrow.


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  • - Setup egui