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April: 28



  • Currently integrating Svelte into AstroJS, but running into some development problems with Astro v2.3.1? or v2.3.2?. Vite is throwing some errors here and there within the rollUp, so I am currently in the process of debugging that. Afterwards, I aim to integrate AppWrite into Svelte, so that it can execute a bit faster than the current React setup. While React is able to get the basics done, there is a bit of a delay between each action, around ~600ms because it has to communicate with the API (from AppWrites end), I am trying to see if I can resolve that , or at least make it less noticeable via the UX/UI end. One of the aspects I was thinking of was to store the user information locally after login, to have an almost instant load WHILE only having update and delete require a connection/load.
  • Something went wrong installing the "sharp" module - Sometimes I hate the sharp module with a passion, I am going to wipe the local installation clean and start fresh from the dev branch.
  • Next issue was that Search via the MDX page was throwing some weird errors and honestly I am a bit too tired to figure out why it was giving a pain. I am assuming its because I forgot something to render or messed up the JSX / react syntax, but to make it easier, I decided to migrate it out of the MDX concept and make it its own .astro page. While I wanted to make it all uniformed via MDX template, certain areas might not be worth the time. Furthermore, I disabled the bing / you searches because they were giving errors of CORS on certain browsers.
  • I would say this is a bit of a major update to the website, as I begin to migrate + add more into the framework.
  • Under search, I expanded the options and included reddit.com and stackoverflow.com. The results are not within the iframe but instead they open in new a window/tab; I will gladly add more options/parameters down the line, including expanding into images and GPT/LLVM.
  • 8:37pm - It seems that my idea of having a general namespace and then running a custom templating system out of that is just a bit too much. I will go with a more simple widget style and just import the widgets directly, instead of having them all over the place. I just get confused and there just so many options and ways to do things… that it just too much. Sometimes I over-engineer everything and it might not be the best, BUT it was dope to have emoji-style templating, even if it was a complete waste of time, rip 50+ hours I spent lmfao. I did learn and gain so much knowledge from the experience, so it might not have been a total waste.
  • 8:40pm - Just saw a dude on a bike get nailed by a tuktuk / rickshaw, he was okay but was driving in the wrong direction and going a bit too fast. Duck the traffic here in India is insane.