February: 15

Daily Log for February 15th for each year!


Thu Feb 15 2024 12:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)




Spent a bit of time building the tree cel shader!

There are a couple steps that I am learning about, including the materials, image formats and how to apply them to different objects.

Right now the bigger issue is figuring out the base three colors for the leaves and the bark.


I am going to reactive the pipeline because it seems that our art style and the models that we would be using are smaller than what I expected.

The plan was to disable the alpha builds while we get the annex up and running but if the models are small enough, I think we can get creative enough with the tools that we have.

I suppose we shall see once we build out a couple levels.

The way to active the build would be to set the conditional line / variable to true.

run: "::set-output name=build_unity::true"

This line will be our switch, so let us test it out!

Okay it seemed to be an error, let me try to run a bash shell to set the output?

            name: "Setup"
            runs-on: ubuntu-latest
              build_unity: ${{ steps.set_output.outputs.build_unity }}
              - id: set_output
                shell: bash
                run: |
                    echo "build_unity=true" >> $GITHUB_OUTPUT

We still need to test this pipeline but I also need to push through the remaining models.


I decided to begin building out a hybrid gitlab, one that will be hosted on gitlab.com directly, just incase we run into an issue with Github, and then another repo that will be our private one.

The goal of having additional repo locations is to avoid any issue with github, ideally making it so that the cicd pipeline is git agnostic.

The private gitlab instance could be a docker instance or a kubernetes setup, I am not too sure yet but I will write out a couple plans that we can use.

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