February: 28

The 28th of February, 75% chance its the last day of the month.


Wed Feb 28 2024 12:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)




There is a new in house engine that I been messing around with!

At first I was under the impression it was just another basic llm but its actually a solid image analysis tool!

It takes the image, does optimizations and then automatically slices the image based upon what it detects, furthermore it can work on PDFs and videos.

I can already see how useful this would be for CCTV style security setups, because it can easily slice up humans on the camera, timestamp them and split up video into different formats.


Going to expand out the engine aspect of the Astro VE!

I will try to load a couple popular engines, so that we can call them without any issues.


DnD Night! I believe it is time for the CIA to appear, hehehe.

We are doing wine tasting and mini gala style event in Eve’s bar tonight, I am already wondering what type of situation would be created.

We got introduced to several different clans and companies that operate within the universe, with a bunch of them being very interesting.

I should look into making the comics during the sessions, preparing for a couple panels and writing it out. Ah wait, even as I am writing, these backstories are wild.

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