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February: 23




After playing around with expo a couple times throughout my life, back in the painful days and recently with an older rentearth application, I decided to pull the trigger and integrate the expo into the NX. The NX integration is on my plate for this weekend, but there are a couple things that I know will cause issues, like making sure the iOS and Android pipeline work for a generic application. Then after making sure that they work for a barebone html app, the real challenge will arise… which is getting the WASM embed that we made earlier to load into iOS and Android.

I will have to keep some distance with expo because I do not want to waste a bunch of time debugging random bugs over and over.

Preparing the tamagui install, we need two npm packages, the first is the core tamagui and the second is the tamagui/config.

For the custom configuration, we will extend out the tamagui config file and add our own little twists.

Since I want to test iOS deployment as the first test case, rather than web, it would make sense for me to do this on the m1 macbook.

We will split up the branch and run pnpm install tamagui @tamagui/config.

Going to run a quick nx report, making sure everything is within the green before moving on.

Now I am going back to the old RentEarth repo and going to review the code that I wrote earlier, getting a bit refresher on the syntax.


I will try to work around the Github tickets again, at least to keep track of the changes within the monorepo!

I am doing a solid job of keeping track of the issue tickets at work but I should not be lazy, ugh becoming complacent is a terrible thing to break out of.

The loop of doing nothing!

Okay we got 6 new tickets onto the board, hopefully we can hit around 50 by the end of this month!


Lets test out the pipeline for the KBVE.com build and have it push the code out into another repo! Just like how we are building the herbmail.com, we are basically swapping out the variables with kbve.com, thus making this process easier than I expected.

Under the ci-main.yml , we will extend the build and deployment, by copying over the two actions and switching the variables.

  • Action One - Build the application using NX, since we already have that setup, while I am writing this out, I am going to test case it.

  • Action Two - Deploy the source code. We will push the /dist/ code from dist/apps/kbve.com to the kbve/kbve.com repo and under the docs folder.

We will have it push the dev branch but my concern might be that it will fail because there is no docs folder. Now there are two options that I am thinking through, should I run the action knowing that it will fail because the docs folder is not there? OR should I resolve that future problem now.

Ideally we want to run the action and have it fail at that error point, then go in and resolve it from that error point; the error point is a bit of a foresight and a good spot to have it fail at.

Eh, actually I will just quickly create a patch to resolve this issue before we run into it. The patch for kbve/kbve.com is adding docs, which just creates the docs folder and places the a simple README.md into the location. I could have place a .gitkeep as well but that is a different story.


The way that I am thinking of setting up the Parrot discord music bot would be to first review over the code that is involved with running the bot. Going through each of the file and getting a solid understanding of what it all dones.

The best part of this exercise is that I will get better at building discord bots and rust!