September : 25

Daily Log for September, 25 of each year.



  • 10:05am - I completely forgot about the work backlog, so I need to focus on catching up on that end. I will dedicate a couple hours to just getting myself ahead of the backlog? I could mix it in with the other backlogs, so that I do not get too bored of handling issue tickets.
  • 11:17am - The storage of the meta engine should really be done on Amazon or some sort of external cloud provider, I found that the metadata being on AWS was the best option in this hybrid cluster setup. The future really seems to be a combination of a hybrid cloud, where a decent amount of the important meta-data would be stored in the cloud while the heavy functions and files are held within your own instance.
  • 4:22pm - Scaling the YoRHa UI down to just around 400px~ and keeping it there for now. This way its mobile focused at first before I migrate it be desktop / landscape friendly. I might shift out of the UX/UI area of the widget and focus more on the backend and Appwrite integration for the time being. I suppose these notes are just for getting a better understanding from my end.
  • 6:36pm - Okay I was able to swap out the general characters for the Game! I am thinking of keeping it simple for now and only three playable characters before migrating over to a bit more advance style features. There are a couple other aspects that I wanted to overview.


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