June : 17

Daily Log for June, 17 of each year.



  • 10:00am - Garden time! The blueberries are almost ripe and ready to be eat, that is if the birds do not take them apart. Once that blue hue starts to come out, the crows start to feast.
  • 11:00am - Going to have a nice and relax Saturday, a couple quick H sessions and some general chill vibes until later tonight. The main focus will be to prepare the NodeJS / Python cloud function, which I could turn it into a custom cloud function, with automatic build and deployment?
  • 3:00pm - I started a great book from Julian Baggini called The Duck That Won The Lottery, I will try to include some cute notes and feedback while I am writing these random journal entries. The preface is legendary, I am already loving the starting quote, Doing things right is simple: just elimin ate all your mistakes and then you'll be perfect.! I went to highlight the sentence and ended up over highlighting it? To infuse more grace to the fire, the lofi remix vibe added a layer of poetic justice. I am not even looking to backtrack.
  • 8:00pm - Settling down after a couple league sessions, the first concept will be to migrate out the cloud function from being just a python script into the NodePy setup. The main objective will be to migrate certain key components out of the basic setup, hmm this might be a bit tough to write out. The docker image that I will use is from nikolaik , under nikolaik/python-nodejs:latest and I believe that it is a Debian-based operating system. Based off the Github, it looks like Node 20 and Python 3.11, which I should not as the target for this image? Or should I keep it to the latest? Hmm… That might have to be a future problem for my future self.


Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. — Mother Teresa


  • Deploy a basic hybrid cloud function with a load balancer.