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May: 13



I am going to update the javascript notes with cypress documentation and information. We should also include a basic cheatsheet, that has the generic commands as a reference. Added a couple tables that outline the different cypress commands to run when building out the unit tests.

Next update to the Cypress will be adding the integration test for login! We will skip register because of the captcha.


Its a shame that rome is no longer an active tool, it would explain the errors that I was getting with it! So I updated the javascript document with a replacement tool, called Biome.js. While reading through the docs and setting up the extension, I saw an interesting github action called Review Dog, this was something that I was looking to build myself in the future. The review dog action basically helps streamline the automation of code review! 2024 is the year of automating some of the most boring aspects of development, unit testing and code reviews.


A couple future updates for the Jukebox? We should keep track of the songs that are being played, i.e a decently played id list, so that it does not play the same song again. This might be because the pool of songs is a bit too low, so the odds of a repeat are going to be higher! In addition to keeping track of the songs that have been played, I believe a skip option and maybe a ban/remove option? I will keep these ideas here for now, then whatever ones that need to be added, well I will first place them into the music mdx directly and then build them out within that week.

We could also make it so that the first video on pageload could be a default KBVE Jukebox video, that will be like 3 to 5 seconds long and it will act as a buffer, to prevent the first song to automatically get added.