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January: 09



  • 3:03pm - erust library After test casing the apps/rust_wasm_embed , I want to move some of the egui functions into the erust library / packages / crate, so that I can use them in multiple applictions. The first module inside of the erust library will be the ironatom.rs. I will migrate some of the generic boilerplate into this module and test case the build from that aspect.

  • 4:16pm - debug I was able to split the application and library, now I am going to add state management inside of the erust library. During the debug stage, I went ahead and split the codebase up, as planned and started to build out widgets for the erust application. One of the next objectives would be to integrate some images into the WASM, including the background. I would like it so that the user has some integration settings but that might have to be done later on.

    Two additional libraries that I wanted to add were: reqwest, at version 0.11 and image.


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