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March: 18




I decided to take a short break from the pathing issue and look at how I would want to implement a multiplayer. We know that the discord embed sdk comes out today!


I am going to start the test casing for the Colyseus example and get a general test case out there for production.

The start of these notes will be within this repo for start of the project.

So the outline of the App stack would be like this:

  • React
  • Phaser
  • Colyseus


  • Enabled3D , this being optional.
  • Grid Engine, this being optional.


The Discord Embed App Pitch 2024 starts within a month, but they are doing a small buildathon this week! I am thinking that it would make sense to first go through the buildathon and make a moch application, this will help us debug any issues that might come up during the pitch.

I am going to write out the notes and think about how I should prepare and deploy the Wumpus Wumbo party an the first test case for the jam and using that as the test case. This includes loading any and all of the “abstractions”. During this process, I noted that the pathing is not working as expected, but it seems that Discord uses a reverse proxy for the pathing of the assets.