August : 16

Daily Log for August, 16 of each year.


  • 5:00am - I am up and ready! I do need to prepare my mornings a bit better, so I am thinking of adding a couple quick ToDos into the mix.
  • 6:01am - After SSS, I am going to quickly grab some coffee and slowly shift my mind over to the minor development issues that we are running into on the main repo.
  • 8:18am - Damn it took a bit too long to finally resolve the dev hang!
  • 12:25pm - Going to shift over to the n8n and also look over some of the documentation for the hackathon this weekend! I definitely want to make sure that everything is good to go by Thursday night, I am currently taking a bit of a hybrid mixture of notes, some digital and some analog.
  • 1:10pm - I might have to put some constraints on how I will work on the main repo, I believe that while using the mdx files for i18n integration might not be worth it right now. I may have to go back to it later on, in a different date? This part of the project planning and pathway is a bit tough on a developer’s standpoint. I see the benefit of using the mdx files for structuring some of the static content but I can also see where the issues can arise, definitely in the scope of certain projects and their styles.


The industrial landscape is already littered with remains of once successful companies that could not adapt their strategic vision to altered conditions of competition. — Ralph Abernathy


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