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July: 04


Happy Independence day yall scrubs. Please do not blow up your hands when engaging with fireworks. Do not mix BAC with fire.


I was not able to convert the written notes for this date, but most of them are in the binders. I spent majority of the day working through the CryptoThrone and @kbve/laser library, slowly trying a couple different ways of handling the different problems. There was just way too much to break down and throw into a journal entry.


  • 3:30pm - Looking over some of the issues on the main website, there are a couple locations that just do not work as intended. I suppose one of the reasons we are not getting Adsense approval is because of the deadlinks that are splattered across the whole website!
  • 3:50pm - On the sidebar, I will add a media dropdown. The dropdown will be linking to manga, gaming, music and video for now. I went ahead and made it into a Git issue, which I will close out with the next pull request.
  • 8:00pm - Besides the sidebar update, I went ahead and started to update the Search a bit. I am trying to use it more personally but there are a couple things that I also wanted to address and add. One of the things that I might look into would be adding a custom search range that we can save via localStorage and have it insert in every search? This would be an interesting area to explore later down the line.


Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing. — Wayne Dyer


  • Repair Dead Links