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April: 02




To add videos to our websites, we have a couple options that we can take! I am thinking that the best move would be to have one component within the Astro VE library and then extend that component out in various websites that would use the component. The customization would be during the component extension, but we would keep the core configuration within the Astro VE, with that being said, the aspect ratio would be an issue that has to be resolved.

We could also load an image for the video and then actually load the video upon clicking the image? This way we can have multiple videos ready, depending on the topic, without causing a major lag spike within the rendering.


The next step would be to update the portainer route within the Rust API to help manage different stacks outside of the Rust API itself. I am thinking of doing a couple different routes to help handle the docker swarm and the k8s, but I should map it out before building it.


I started to map out the python modules for Atlas and the plans for the initial package deployment + example. Under the kbve module, we will split up the different parts of the library, one being the original atlas but the there might be three or five more parts of this module that we have to build out. However given the scope of this requirement and the limited time that we have, ugh, we have to very careful on how we structure the next moves within the python realm.


The next step after the docker build for the express-colyseus-discord would be to setup the docker compose and the k8s helm chart. For the start of this application, we will stick with a swarm compsoe but movikng towards the k8s structure would make sense because we want this to be stateless.

Here is the basic compose that we will test case:

version: '3.8'

    hostname: colyseus
    image: kbve/expresscolyseusdiscord:latest
    container_name: colyseus
    restart: unless-stopped
      - source: lavalink_copy_copy
        target: /opt/kbve/config.yml

      - /opt/kbve/
      - colyseus

      - 3000

    external: true

    name: colyseus
    driver: overlay
    attachable: true


Mapping out the routes for the deployment has to be done right this round, including making sure that the applications that we build can easily be deployed and maintained.