June : 27

Daily Log for June, 27 of each year.



  • 1:00am - Looking over the webmaster tools and seeing what I could to improve upon them! I am thinking of expanding the services that are provided and maybe include additional links? We know the goal for this tool is to include as much reference material as we can for all website owners, which does place us under a specific niche. The best bet would be not to over think it and slowly add more? I will keep researching and see if there could be some minor tweaks that I could do.
  • 1:07am - Need to add https://validator.w3.org/nu/?doc=https%3A%2F%2Fkbve.com%2F into the WebMaster tool as a dev option? It would be interesting to have a small AI agent scope these out and then make suggestions! I guess another aspect would be to train the AI agent on a large amount of SEO/SEM data and then have it generate a custom report based upon the website added? Like a custom report generated for a generic amount too.
  • 1:13am - I found another one that we could include in the dev report as well! https://www.robtex.com/dns-lookup/kbve.com, which is a decent chunk of information that a webmaster would be interested in. It does a solid job in looking through the DNS records. Speaking of looking through the records, I suppose we could also offer a free nmap search for the domain? This would be something that I could wrap all into an expansion issue / concept for the future of the webmaster tool.
  • 1:29am - I completely forgot to add SEMRush as well, https://semrush.com/info/kbve.com, which should definitely be on the list as it is a vital SEO tool.


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