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January: 03



  • 6:05am - Getting ready for work and double checking my accounts for 2024! I need to adjust my morning gym routine, I might have to get up earlier.

  • 12:45pm - Finished up with work and going to focus on KBVE monorepo.

  • 2:20pm - Preparing a test case of the embed widget and see how it will work within our astro framework. Adding the react-helmet-async for calling some of the abstract scripts, like hcaptcha. Under the main.tsx, we will import the helmet provider and then wrap our App element inside of it.

    import { HelmetProvider } from 'react-helmet-async';
                <App />

    Afterwards we would call <Helmet> for the abstract scripts that we would need within certain states. For the register state, we would use it like this:

    <script src="https://js.hcaptcha.com/1/api.js?" async defer></script>
  • 7:56pm - Finished onboarding SoksoaCode and we were able to get the twin.macro library up and running within the js-embed-passport application! The issue was just forgetting some basic generic javascript/typescript settings, including making sure vite and babel can play together.

  • 11:40pm - Ending the night of DnD with some league, tomorrow is another da


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