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February: 22




I am looking for another device that is a bit open source and is handheld!

It would also not have an x86 but an ARM, so that I could test case egui applications on an arm chipset / deployment.

Granted I do have my mac m1 but I was hoping to have another linux device, probably an ARM ubuntu device, that I could do development work on while I am traveling or outside of my man cave.


The journal entries had to have a time of 12:00:00 because during the parsing, I was getting some wild timezone errors because of it. The other option was trying to find a way to slip time into the entries but I figured that would cause problems in the future.

So it should be noted that we need to make sure that time is included in the date!

However, I know myself, I will forget to do that often, oh well.


Time for a DND session! Today we are going to untap the wine barrel and maybe go into the sewer tunnels.

I been thinking of a new DnD homebrew item, called Odins Necklace, which would give +1/+2 AC but it would automatically lower my initiative rolls by -3 or -5. This necklace is based upon the Cloak of Protection but I am thinking it would make sense to focus on building the paladin out to be tanky but less focus on damage.

I am here to tank but also not die lmao.


After the DND session, I decided to take a break on the flexbox and focus on the grid system within CSS.

To get a bit better at understanding and using the grid system, I decided it would make sense to look into a comic book style design pattern.

Thankfully GPT and Google were filled with examples and concepts, of which, I decided to translate them from the generic CSS and into a tailwindcss style.

There are some other plans that I have with the comics but I will keep them in the back burner for now.