March: 02

March 2nd


Sat Mar 02 2024 12:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)




Updated the background cover with a new bg!

I am currently in the process of preparing the pipelines for a release build, it is a bit painful to understand all the moving parts but I think we will get there by tonight.

It really is just slowly getting the game built out, shipping it out to the public and making sure that it works without anything breaking!

A couple dry runs within the next day and by Sunday night, we should have something polished and ready! Yay!

For bug reports, I placed this issue ticket , holding the common bugs that we are facing in the gamejam.


Oh a quick note for myself, I should place some index.html files within the public folders, so that they will handle redirects and prevent some 404 random errors. And with that being said, I believe I need to update the new 404 page as well, which I was thinking of expanding with a custom router + notification system, that way I can keep track of the 404 errors using a simple system.

While I can see the 404 errors from Cloudflare and Google Webmasters, I think having my own data point would be great.


The best course of action for the itch would be to either package the game up directly to the website or maybe just iframe the game as a whole?

I am still working out the exact kinks that would be involved but once we get a proof of concept up and running, we can start to tweak the game around to fit our needs. Going through the itch build, we could make a new asset page for the fish and chip, then expand it from there.

For the itch page, we will use a base of NextJS, instead of a direct React because it should help us build out the application faster. The first step would be pnpm nx add @nx/next, which was able to add the @nx/next but it seems that we had a command failure! I am thinking it might be because we had a couple changes happening at the same time, which was causing problems. The error was resolved with pnpm exec nx g @nx/next:init --keepExistingVersions --updatePackageScripts , which resolved the package scripts.

For Itch Page Template Reference, this includes all the information related to setting up the Itch template!

The plan for now is to render the iframe for the game within a nextjs template, bundle it all up and then release it to the Itch via pipeline.

To run the itch next template, we will issue this command: ./kbve.sh -nx next-itch-fishchip:run ? Oh it seems that there were some changes to the way that next applications run within the Nx monorepo!

Instead we will be doing pnpm nx dev next-itch-fishchip to run the website, at least in developer mode. Maybe under the run / build, we can adjust the action once we get a decent theme up and functional.

A side note, I updated the includes for the tsconfig.json , allowing the .next/types/**/*.ts. Hmm actually I am going to reverse this because it seems to be throwing a new error that I do not want to deal with.

This is the reference guide for the Next Static Build Based off the guide, we will update the next.config.js to include an output: 'export' and distDir: 'dist' because we are looking to build a static website using next.

Okay now that we got the static output done, we want to build the application, then upload the dist folder to Itch.

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