A 3D Game and App Engine to build cross platform software.


  • Unity is a cross-platform software engine that focuses on developing games, apps and animation for desktop, mobile, console and virtual reality platforms.
  • The primary scripting language for the engine is C# and can be extended through a various collection of libraries and plugins.
  • Right click and create empty
  • Name it below : (Replace HeaderName with the name you would want)
---> HeaderName

Unity Notes


  • Unity follows a duel release structure for their engine, a latest engine build and a LTS engine.
  • We recommend using the LTS as it has Long Term Support, which the company states for about 2 years, whereas the latest does not have any extended support.

Unity Multiplayer

  • Colyseus.io seems like the first engine of choice that we might use.

  • Reference Links

    • Chowdera 1
    • S1H 2


  • Common errors that users might face when working with Unity. This error log is meant to help keep track and may save some future developers a lot of time.

Error WebGL-000001FEA50EC410

  •   [.WebGL-000001FEA50EC410] GL_INVALID_FRAMEBUFFER_OPERATION: Draw framebuffer is incomplete
    • Solution: Turn on post processing on the Main Camera.

Error libil2cpp ERROR: Could not open Il2CppData/

Currently: There might be an issue when directly loading the Git LFS, so we will reference it via Github’s media server.


  • Collection of plugins for Unity game engine.


  • For React and Unity integration, we recommend going to our React application page.

Steam Plugin

We moved the Steam into their own notes


  • SimpleJSON is a plugin for JSON parsing in C#.
  • Official Repo

Modular AI

  • Modular AI helps design the behavior of GameObjects within Unity.
  • Official Repo

Hey Area Object Spawner

  • A simple tool that helps procedural generation of objects within an area.
  • Official Repo

Hierarchy 2

  • Hierarchy 2 helps organize the Unity UI.
  • Official Asset Store


  • Premium plugins that have additional license or costs with them.


  • Interpol between Javascript and Unity through JINT
  • This plugin is not open source but rather a private engine.


Unity plugins that focus on webview by providing abstract layers that extend to controllers.


  • Adding Webview for iOS/Android can be easier through UniWebView, which is an open source web view component for mobile platforms.
  • Official Repo

Vuplex Plugin

A commercial plugin that extends WebView components across all platforms, with major focus on AR/VR development kits for Oculus, Hololens and more. Notes on the Vuplex plugin.


These notes are still a work in progress, but I will try my best to continue to improve them as I am building out the Steam API for the Unity/React Project. Official Repo


It seems that before you start to integrate SteamWorks / Steam API / SteamWorksNET , you need an active SteamWorks developer account. You can create the account here

Legal Name

Steam Defines it as

This is really, really important to enter correctly. Carefully read all instructions below. You will be unable to release your product via Steam until this name matches all records. The name you enter below must be the legal entity that owns or has rights to publish the game, software or video (“content”) and is the legal entity that will be signing the Steam Distribution Agreement. The legal name you enter here must match the name as written on official documents with your bank and on United States IRS tax documents or foreign tax documents if applicable. You will need to enter this name again as your bank account holder and the legal name associated with a tax payer identification number in the following steps. If you don’t have a company name and you are the sole owner of your content, please fill in your full name as the Legal Name and your own address as Street Address. If you co-own the content with other individuals, you must form a legal entity to own and receive payments for your content. The Legal Name here is for internal use. If you have a DBA or ‘friendly name’ that you wish to show to customers on your store page, you will be able to enter that separately when creating your store page.

This is an extremely important step, we advise that you consult with your legal parties if there are any major issues.

We recommend that, if you are a US Citizen, have all our personal information (Tax, Bank, KYC, ect…) ready before completing the application. Furthermore, there is a $100 fee for the application.


Well we applied as of 11/23/2022 , so we will wait until everything is confirmed and then move forward with this.

Okay so we been approved, now you should have 1 application credit in your Steamworks profile! This is where you then create your application, using that application credit that you paid $100 for!

Place your application name and then go through the form, it will then spit out some interesting variables:

Requesting AppID For: KBVE.com RogueJester Created package “KBVE.com RogueJester Developer Comp” with ID 802XXX Created package “KBVE.com RogueJester for Beta Testing” with ID 802XXX Created package “KBVE.com RogueJester” with ID 802XXX Added auto-grant to publisher *XXX Created store item ‘518XXX’ Created store package for store item ‘518XXX’

You should keep this information safe and as a reference step.


Ultimate Character Controller was the plugin of choice when doing RSDD aka rapid self-destructive development.

Official Documentation Link. It is over 300 pages and covers the controller and its interaction within the unity environment.

According to Opsive, their UCC is a professional and kinematic character controller that is designed for flexibility, modularity and performance; we consider it an “AIO” or “All-In-One” library.


Grab the invoice number from the plugin purchase and head over to OPSive Downloads with it. After placing the invoice number into the system, it will give you download integrations for external plugins.

UCC Asset Store

Official Asset Store. Last Release Date: 3.0.3 - Nov 24, 2022

UCC Reference

Opsive Video Collection First Person Character Creation

UCC Character

The core of the UCC, Ultimate Character Controller, would be the Character model and its interactivity within the Scene, thus these notes are for referencing through the plugin and movement, collision, motion, gravity, abilities and more for the Humanoid / Character.


For Unity Pipeline we recommend going to our git for information regarding setting up the CI/CD.


These are the notes for Unity’s 2D engine and/or projects related to the 2D development cycle.

2D Examples

The list below are open source projects that use Unity as their base for 2D/Retro style games.


Official Repo

Itsjavi created an amazing open source proof-of-concept version of classic Pokemon (Red/Blue/Gold) that has been updated to Unity 2021 and has URP. It should be noted that there assets that might be infringing on intellectual property of Nintendo/Game Freak. On a positive note, upon looking through his repo, I did stumble across a github bot known as ImgBot, which provides image optimization via Git pulls.

The project uses: 2021.1.6f1 as the Unity Version and there seems to not include any pipeline/workflow, which might be because of the copyright issues. The project also has URP / Universal Render Pipeline

I suppose it be interesting to take a look at their combat system, since the biggest issue that I see would be the usage of copyrighted material, but if you were to swap them out, then there might be a case to continue and enhance the repo? If anyone might be down to do this, please reach out to h0lybyte.


Official Repo

This was another open source 2D repo that sparked my interest because it was built for the phone! It is a great reference point for a game written for Android by going through input design from dual perspective of UX/UI and internal scripting.

Minor 2Ds

SpaceWalk Official Repo FinalProject UnityW2022

Unity Assets

  • Unity Assets are a collection of media files.

2D Assets

This is a collection of 2D assets that can be a great resource / reference for anyone looking to make a 2D game. We could migrate the 2D assets into their own reference later down the line.


Official Itch

Treasure Hunters Download Kings and Pings Download Pixel Adventure Download Pirate Bomb Download


A breakdown of WebGL for the Unity game engine!

WebGL Information

When converting a project over to WebGL, there are a couple extremely important steps that you might have to take to prepare for an automated pipeline and distribution.

The most important step is to make sure that you have the HTML5/WebGL module for the specific Unity version installed and ready.

After that check the resolution, an example would be 800 x 600 but you can set it to your project’s desired scope.

Next you want to make sure to check the box, Run in background, and save it. This should change the runInBackground inside of ProjectSettings\ProjectSettings.asset from 0 (false) to 1 (true).

Finally double check that you have the right compression methods enabled or in some cases, like Github Pages, disabled completely.


This is a 3rd party plugin provider for Unity, that extends out the webview components for cross-platform compatibility through their own object-based library.

Vuplex Errors

These are reference points for common errors within the Vuplex libraries / eco-system.

Heavy CPU Usage

Loading multiple webview components within a single scene can cause a spike within the client’s CPU/RAM, thus it is recommended to de-sync / destroy or de-activate any un-used Canvas. Furthermore, only activate the GameObject when the player is within a set proximity to the object through the Unity’s Collider system via event triggers.

An example of this would be to declare the GameObject, add collision and then hook it a simple trigger script, like this:

    public GameObject webviewObject;                                                                            
    [SerializeField] private bool EnablePlayerWebview;
    private void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other)
        if(other.CompareTag("Player") && EnablePlayerWebview) { webviewObject.SetActive(true);   }


    private void OnTriggerExit(Collider other)

Click and scroll not working : [Case 1]

There could be multiple reasons why click/scroll might not be functional, depending on the operating system, AR/VR tool kits and the Unity’s input system. When defusing the situation, we recommend build multiple test cases with all components mapped out and then using Debug.Log to check through all the variables at play. We been in situations where a foot of a humanoid object was not tagged as a Player, thus causing the whole collision engine to be off and not registering the functionality within a scene.

11/30/2022 - We are currently experience this exact situation, so we will be updating these notes to fit accordingly to the issue.