February: 21

Daily Log for February 21st for each year!


Wed Feb 21 2024 12:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)




I feel like a ticket system works well when keeping track of the conflicts, bugs, upgrades, but no one seems to really answer them. However, I should just keep to myself and continue to answer tickets, even if it means that I am talking to myself? I feel like the premise of the tickets are just to cover yourself.

I should look further into developing out the AI ticket response system but that is still way down the pipeline.


It will be an interesting earnings call, I am hoping that it wont fall under $650 but I also do not need it to really go past a $850. The market will swing any away, we shall see! The whole tech market might even shift based upon the


The pipeline froze a bit earlier during the dev cycle, I believe it might have been because of too many changes before the actions would settle. I will try to think of a better system to handle the pull and merge requests, ideally one that can help automate the code review to a certain aspect.


We were able to get the WASM embed to push into two different folders, one for HerbMail.com, which is a placeholder for the public facing test case. The other one that I added today is for the next KBVE.com release, both of which are done via NX and a custom shell script.

Now the next issue would be to update the wasm.md to either a new wasm.mdx or something unique for the tool. However I am thinking of isolating the tools to their own custom astro file.

This will just make the process of building the tools out easier for other websites too.


Decided to pickup another account for our adventures! Obviously I will not include the name but we shall see how far we can get with this!

I think if we plan around it and make sure everything works, then we should not have any major issues. Let us see how everything plays out over time.

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