September : 07

Daily Log for September, 07 of each year.



  • 7:07am - Watching Ziggy’s amazing stream, its perfect!
  • 7:57am - Getting ready to write different types of test casing across the board for work and my personal websites.
  • 1:03pm - Decided to go with a basic three tab setup as an Index card. I am thinking of isolating it towards three areas, the first being the blog, second being services and finally the third being an about section. I might have some additional widgets built into it. As for after the index card, I might look at adding custom tailwindcss animation, which I need a bit more practice with.
  • 1:51pm - Let me commit this current checkpoint and then check back with the team on their k3s instance, maybe sneak in a quick league match too.
  • 2:01pm -


Along with success comes a reputation for wisdom. — Euripides


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