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March: 28




It looks like a couple routes for the KBVE website are broken, let me take some time to resolve those really quick.

Here is the base template that we will add for the index.astro

import Layout from '../../layouts/Layout.astro';
import Bento from '../../components/Bento.astro';

import type React from "react";

const title = 'KBVE.com - Arcade';
const description = 'KBVE Arcade! Play your favorite games in your browser!';


<Layout title={title} description={description} >


We would need to enhance the title and description, lets go ahead and place those into the Chat GPT.

Here is the title that ChatGPT came up with:

Title: “KBVE.com Arcade - Classic & Exclusive Browser Games”

and here is the description:

Dive into KBVE Arcade for a blast from the past with our collection of classic retro games, alongside exclusive, in-house developed fun you won’t find anywhere else! Experience the nostalgia and discover new favorites, all playable in your browser. Perfect for gaming enthusiasts looking for a unique mix of old-school and innovative arcade games.

The configuration for the arcade collection via zod has to be updated as well, hmm, the question then becomes what should we add for that setup?

Here is the updated zod for the arcade collection:

const arcade = defineCollection({
  schema: z.object({
    title: z.string(),
    status: z.boolean().optional(),
    description: z.string(),
    tags: z.array(z.string()), 
    footnote: z.string().optional(),
    author: z.string().default('KBVE Team'),
    img: z.string().default(''),
    date: z.string().optional(),
    url: z.string().optional(),
    icon: z.string().default('https://kbve.com/favicon.svg'),
    unsplash: z.string().optional(),
    swf: z.string().optional(),
    featured: z.boolean().default(false),
    draft: z.boolean().default(false),
    house: z.boolean().default(false),
    promoted: z.boolean().default(false),
    ipfs: z.string().optional(),


The ipfs is a string that we will use in the future for storing the the various files, making it easier to use.

Now we have to create three modules! The first module would be the game cover, where we would use html to display the game information, controls and any additional information. The cover would then have a play button and upon clicking on that button, we would use an action to load one of the other two modules.