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January: 30



  • 6:05am - Morning


    The morning routine of getting up early is starting to get to me. I am feeling a bit old when I get up xD

  • 9:17am - Rust


    Going to do some more early morning Rust coding, just trying to figure out the best way for me to handle the validation. I been thinking about how I should handle the validator and maybe we might move it out of the kbve package and into its own package.

    Now I need to come up with a name that we would use for this validation builder, yet I believe it should be in its own enity. The idea of placing the validation builder into another package that we can call, hmm.

    Okay! The package name that I have decided upon is jedi and I believe that will be the place holder for the validation and sanitization that we will be using. This package will be shared between the kbve aka backend and the front end erust, so we have validation on both sides without having issues. The erust will extend the jedi package’s ValidationBuilder for its internal structs.

    Now I need to fix the pipelines and begin the publishing for the package.

  • 8:35pm - Jedi


    The Jedi package is called Juggernaut Electronic Data Interchange and it will be the base for the validations and help maintain a source of truth for the rust structs. Besides integrating and utilizing the various EDI standards, like UNEDIFACT, ANSI ACS X12, VDA, ect…

  • 9:40pm - Movie


    A quick movie night with back to back bangers, the first is Green Book and then Whiplash, both were perfect musical masterpieces. I was on the fence with both of them but seeing them back to back is a flow!