August : 03

Daily Log for August, 03 of each year.



  • 1:00pm - I am a bit excited to see how AAPL does during their earnings call. I am hoping that it at least breaks past the $195 mark, so I can offload the shares, but if it does not, then I will keep covering 200 shares until they get sold. My small goal would be to just get in and out for around $200 a week, which I will dump into my $O pool.
  • 2:26pm - Going to install the r3f into the repo, however I feel like it might make the repo a bit too heavy. I shall see what we can do moving forward, there could be a bit better way to handle it.
  • 2:32pm - I will go ahead and install all the libraries that I would want to use for the Three.js integration onto the website and extend out the Canvas via a couple different elements, including a portal and some unique examples. I would like to see how they look under the Unity video game as well.
  • 2:51pm - We should place the models that we want to use for the R3F inside of the public/assets/model and there I will build out some of the general models that we will be using for the test casing. For the time being I will place some of the generic content that I find on the internet there but try my best to keep the licensing within those folders. This will be to help avoid any major issues.
  • 3:20pm - Coffee break and then when I come back, I will begin to install the R3F, I noticed that there might be some issues with how I would want to go about it, so I might have to think a bit about how I would want to handle it. Maybe having an isolated repo for each instance could be better? The Widget style setup would be interesting doe.
  • 6:49pm - Installed the basic libraries for r3f and looking at how they will perform on various browsers. It seems that general mainstream browsers that are are chromium based have a decent ability to render and run the r3f examples. However, it seems that OperaGX was not able to render the portal example at a functional level. I am not too sure if its because I have something disabled OR if OperaGX does not support this type of library. I will have to do a couple more browser test casing, including Safari!
  • 10:33pm - Test casing some of the general r3f libraries. Going to push through a general save state as patch patch-r3f-install and then going to continue to work from this branch until tomorrow.


The conditions of conquest are always easy. We have but to toil awhile, endure awhile, believe always, and never turn back. — Seneca the Younger


  • Install r3f libraries.