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March: 06




A huge chunk of my time was spent setting up the transitional views within Astro! I was finally able to get a better understanding of javascript, global variables and the esm-style importing. However the amount of time it takes to get everything to be functional and making sure that nothing bugs out, ugh, its rough. My suggestion for a system like this would be to utilize a 3rd party script or entity like Partytown to help shift a lot of the javascript to a webworker or service Worker, because it would help resolve a decent amount of issues that are involved with switching from DOM to DOM.


The next stage in jam would be to maybe start fresh and with a clean state, since we got to understand a decent more about how the Phaser engine works. I needed to take a break from the Unity game engine and this was the perfect mixture, because I know I have a huge amount of UI/UX that I need to use javascript for within Unity.

The new build process for the fish & chip game will be under the apps/react-phaser-fish-chip.

We will be using vite to build the react, phaser and any additional packages. The command to run the application is pnpm nx serve react-phaser-fish-chip for now, what I will most likely do is setup the pipeline so that it pushes the dist files to kbve.com repo.


I have to make sure the Unity changes are still in sync with the Azure Devops, which involves a couple different test cases and pipeline changes. One of the major pipeline change will be to shift the build process out to Github self-hosted containers, yet the plot twist is that they will have to pull the data from the Azure LFS. Sometimes I forgot how much I just enjoy making video games, rather than spending so much time putting it all together.