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April: 21


I am thinking of updating the journal entry so that it becomes less deep nested. It gets a bit annoying to nest in the different entries, I like the flexibility that comes with the mdx format.


The 404 Page has been updated! It looks a bit better now compared to what we had before, tbh I might go back and desplit the AstroVE , as it made sense in the start but it seems to become a bit overkill.


Going to update the Astro to version 4.6.x and then update a bunch of NX plugins. We will be migrating to the latest Nx aka 18.3.x and then upgrade Astro extension to the latest version. However there are two plugins that we still need to update, the first being the python and then the rust, however I will do that after I update the website.



  • I spent most of the day eating and relaxing.
  • The next phase will be setting up AppWrite register, login and profile.


Cleaning up the default journal entry format within the mdx.


  • Homepage 2024 Update
  • No major tasks left.


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