March: 11

The 11th of March.


Mon Mar 11 2024 12:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)




The biggest issue that I am seeing with this current game is the massive fish-chip.js file. I am going to read through the output-manualchunks from the RollUpJS Guide and see what I can do around improving the build.


It might be time to just drop the support of PlanetScale and switch back to the Postgres / Supabase setup. The main reason we want to do this is to handle the websocket and player movement.

Supabase Test Reports

This is the repo for their test reporting system and I am going to keep track of it, probably to keep watch of the changes and how they handle their reports. My plan would be to then to migrate some of their concepts into the Outpost for KBVE. I still been working on the Outpost generation but there is a ton that is missing that I need to improve upon! Ugh, there is almost no time.


For the storage of the KBVE types and general handling of it, I will just create a new library to help with it! Generic command for starting a new library -> npx nx g @nx/js:lib mylib --bundler=vite.

We will create the supabase ts file within the postgres library.

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