August : 06

Daily Log for August, 06 of each year.



  • 12:05pm - I should find a way to combine the weekly reports that I get into one? I suppose we could do that via Postboy? Have it shift through the reports that get generated? Maybe make it a bit more modular and then work from there. I suppose we could utilize a bit of creativity to handle this. I believe the best way to approach this would to be a module that would initially scope out the data and then place it into a Google sheet based, this way we could organize and refine the data we would want to display onto our
  • 3:01pm - Getting ready for another night shift of programming and running around with the meme gang.
  • 4:07pm - The first report that could parse through would be the Google webmaster / search results data. This would be a bit easier to do from the current standpoint, I believe the hardest part of this would be to manage the sessions, including the login data. I suppose setting up a chrome session with pre-defined instances might make this easier but there would be a security risk that I would have to account for. The tools we would use for this automation process might just be n8n, as it would make replication and migration a bit easier too incase someone else wanted to use them.
  • 4:34pm - Time to grab some coffee and prepare for general rounds. The bigger issue for me to tackle and shift this block towards will be to resolve the tags AND also make some minor updates to the visual novel.
  • 4:40pm - The Cover widget is ready to move into this daily patch, with the purpose of providing a generic cover for the VN aka Mangas. The first demo of this will be used for the FinTech and the Conch series, both I should wrap up today! They are minor issues that could be resolved without too many pain points, at least getting the basics out of the way.
  • 7:17pm - Let me sync these notes for now and I will start with the cover widget afterwards.


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