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April: 14




Just grab Zed on my m1 and trying out the IDE! So far it seems great as lite vs code alternative, but this is just the first hour of messing around with it.

The Ui/Ux is already better than what I was expecting, I think it will replace my obsidian very soon. The speed is also on point, I can easily move around without having any major problems.

But dat vim lyfe. NeoZedVim doe.

Looks like Pyright on Zed is throwing some missing import errors. I might have to include some toml to help fix them.

Here is what we added so far:

include = ["kbve_atlas"]
exclude = ["**/tests", "**/__pycache__", "**/*.venv"]

reportMissingImports = true
reportMissingTypeStubs = true
reportOptionalSubscript = true
reportOptionalMemberAccess = true
reportGeneralTypeIssues = true
reportFunctionMemberAccess = true
reportUnusedVariable = true
strict = true
typeCheckingMode = "strict"

pythonVersion = "3.12"
venvPath = ".venv"
venv = "myenv"
stubPath = "typings"
typingsPath = "typings"
analyzeTypeshed = false
autoSearchPaths = true

I will have to get back to fixing that once I get the websocket issue resolved.


The next update for Atlas would be to fix the proxy for noVNC and the FastAPI! We want to add some level of auth and protection, at least during the dev cycle before we get deeper into that mixture.

My current plan is to just directly proxy the websocketify library within FastAPI, if that ends up being too much work, I suppose I could switch over to either node or rust to get the job done.

But then I would not learn anything, where would the fun be in that then?

The next question on my mind, before booting up another episode of toyko vice or smoking a quick, what would be the next couple goals within atlas.

We have the discord app pitch to finish up, which is due within 2 weeks, getting this part of the code out of the way before going back to phaser, UGH.


This bash command, from entrypoint.sh, is running the novnc:

websockify -D --web=/usr/share/novnc/ 6080 localhost:5900 &

What could do is just basically move that command out and basically replace it within FastAPI?

We know that the novnc static files are stored in the usr/share/novnc and then we need to do the websockets after that.

Lets throw up the 3rd episode of Tokyo Vice and see if we can bang this out within the next hour.

Granted if this works out, as I see it in my mind, we could then setup a custom auth as a middleware to handle some of the security needs.

Afterwards, it is just packaging up the docker file and doing some quick integration tests with our docker swarm and portainer.

For the authentication, we could just use an API key style, yeah this will be cake walk once we get the reverse proxy resolved.