August : 07

Daily Log for August, 07 of each year.



  • 4:20pm - Time for some of the classics League memes!
  • 4:51pm - After a couple quick sessions of the H, going to switch back to general programming and chilling. It will be a slow week this month, but I am a bit glad that it is because sometimes the extra stress is just not worth it. I been trying to find creative ways to break through those complacent loops, that might also be an interesting app concept for the future. Oh going to clean up some of the branches on the repo as well, now let us think about the general task for the day.
  • 5:02pm - We could migrate the structure for the {content} folder so that there is a bit of isolation among the different documentation, which would make it easier to implement future tools to help build out the eco-system. One of the concepts I was thinking of was to expand the folder options and letting n8n create new md files without alternating the main mdx files. I am writing this idea out as it has been in my head for a bit , yet it would make sense to include it as it could expand the library a bit more and also make it easier to introduce unique tooling examples. The test case that I wanted to introduce was having an ai model that would gather information and then store it as its own entity file, then have someone review and parse through it before migrating it over to the documentation. This would mean that the future ai tools would not directly produce the content but rather help with the research and data mining. This would mean that the final documentation still has a researcher or human entity element to it and avoid some of the hallucinations that we would run into.
  • 5:22pm - Took a quick break and decided to make a protein smoothie! Now the current issue that I am facing is a bit slower development cycle because of 404 errors that are crashing astro a bit. I wonder if there is a better way to handle that but also those 404 errors are also an issue on the production branch too. I suppose I really should focus to address those 404 errors that keep appearing.
  • 5:43pm - I believe I will use a @l\Shell.astro for the layout and then wrap each of the md files inside their own notes document. I believe that might be the best course of action in this situation but I could be wrong to an extent? Let me think it through while I drink my smoothie and ponder a bit of life. Hmm, would I want to add each note as its own entity or should I just import them as a bulk metric? I suppose that will be the next step in this adventure.
  • 6:16pm - The @l/Shell.astro was created and it has the barebone templating system for now, however I am thinking about how I would want to include the glob concept moving forward. There are a couple ways that I could go about it. The current error is Error: Invalid glob import syntax: Could only use literals.
  • 7:30pm - Need to double check my current credit card balances and make sure that all my money is on point for this month, it feels so weird that we are already a week past the month.
  • 12:00am - Okay it might be the 8th, so I will move these notes over to the next day. But I was able to figure out what would be the best way to handle this situation with the glob and make sure that it would work moving forward. Part of this example will be to keep the Shell.astro but add a new MDX.astro file to work with! I believe that it should resolve that problem that I was having with Astro globs earlier.


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