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May: 31


Got a great idea for a new tool, I figured that I might build it out really quick since I am stuck on the invoicing and resume tool. The worst feeling in the world is when you can not finish a tool and then you start another tool, and then you dont finish that one and start another tool. It is like the ADHD programming problem.

Yet I think the key is to find ways to make the different and unique tools work together, kinda like building multiple lego sets but the goal is not to actually build out the final set but rather discover the different pieces that you can make? Like imagine you have a single 1 by 1 lego piece and then you realize that it is easier to build with 2 by 2 square pieces! Yet sometimes you need to split the 2 by 2 with 4 of the 1 by 1 pieces.


  • 10:00am - Most of this day will be spent working on the Conch react script but also figuring out the basics of the cloud functions. The idea here will be to isolate as much of the script(s) that I am building and move a certain amount of the logic into cloud functions. I do also want to move certain functions into their own worker threads but that will be something that I can work on later down the line.
  • 1:00pm - It looks like we can continue development of RogueJester but at a limited scale, at least until we get a better understanding of the whole project. Starting Monday, we will begin a month of active but slow development. We will be doing about 3 weeks of development currently but hopefully it is enough to get the whole game to at least beta / demo.


Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. — Lucille Ball


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