May : 04

Daily Log for 2023-05-04


May Da Force Be With You!


  • 12:00pm - Review the notes on the iOS / Flutter. I will have to transfer them over to this knowledge bank later this week. There are two core pillars that I have to make sure that I get right for deploying future iOS applications. The first will be getting flutter to actually build and sign the application, so for that I will run flutter doctor -v and see what it requires for the iOS / iPhone build. It seems that I will need xCode and CocaPods, it was pretty straight forward for getting the xCode, as I was able to grab it from app store.
  • The CocaPods aka a Swift package manager that Flutter uses for iOS development was easy to install, just had to run sudo gem install cocoapods and then agree to the xCode license.
  • The next pillar is the development and pipeline, currently I am able to build the iOS application within the development eco-system. However I will have to figure out how to setup the CI/CD for the application, ideally making it so that once the commit is made on the main branch, it will automatically deploy the application to the Apple App store.
  • 3:00pm - Going to prepare to pack up my luggage! It seems that my grandparents have some older suitcases, so I am thinking of letting them have mine, while I go grab some new ones. I am going to travel to either the CromAs or InOrbit mall and pickup two new suitcases. The total cost was around 15000 Rupees and they were pretty solid hardshell cases, they look and feel like a CSGO crate haha.


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  • Install and update xCode / CocoPods.