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January: 07


Lucky 7 of the first.


  • 12:38am - There are a couple library names that I wanted to use for the egui and wasm build, but I think I might go with wasm-bosm. I am also thinking maybe there might be a play on words that I could use? The library or crate that I am going to write would be based upon egui and eframe, so the traditional route would be to use that e type beat.

  • 2:30pm - I will have to create a new ticket for tracking the CryptoThrone development: The ticket would be something like this:

    • This will be a small WASM based game that we can develop on the side.

    • The premise of the game is still under development but the goal would be to test cases some of the general WASM libraries while providing a flexible learning prod cycle.

    • This issue ticket will be for keeping track of the development of CT.

    • It seems that I was not able to get the direct CNAME setup for the https://api.cryptothrone.com and had to use an A record, but I believe there might be a way to handle this? I guess it might be because of the security structure that is in place, we could also setup a proxy and have that be the endpoint that we could use in the future. The error that it threw was Error 1014: CNAME Cross-User Banned in Cloudflare when using the CNAME.

    However I do not want to extend too far out right now and try to keep focus with getting the WASM library up and running.

  • Continued:

    • My current research has taken me into the tauri, trunk and egui realm of the WASM.

    • I am debating how I would want to build out the WASMs and have something that might be production ready, but I might just make a couple test case examples.

    • The CORS needs to be fixed for the API, maybe instead of hard coding the CORS, I could just load them from the database?

    • This would mean that I would have to create a new table, hmm. We could also just store the CORS as a global key, so that it would be something along the lines of cors_$slot , thus we could parse through the whole global table, looking for any instance of the cors_$ and then parse the value it holds as the CORS domain? This would mean we would not have to add a whole new table just for the CORS? Most applications or API backends would not have more than a couple domains, so for us to over extend might not make the most sense.

  • MDX Migrations:

    • Besides migrating over a bunch of the MDX documents, I believe I will drop strapi and supabase for the time being from the migration. I am just using this as a reference to keep track of the documents that I have skipped.


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